Mango lived outside in South Korea on the end of a chain. His guardian mom broke him free and cared for him until there was a safe place for him in rescue. During this time, Mango flourished in her care. With the help of many volunteers fundraising, coordinating flights, transport and vetting, Mango made his way to Canada and into temporary foster care. Pre-approved adopters knew instantly he was their boy. It could have been her random craving for mango’s (the fruit) two weeks prior to their introduction, or simply his charming good looks and exceptionally sweet demeanour. What ever the draw, his new Mom and Dad were insistent Mango was their fur-baby before even meeting him. Mango’s new Mom and Dad anxiously met him upon his arrival into Canada, and solidified how much they adored him with instant hugs and wet nose kiss’s. Mango’s a happy gentle boy and found his home with a super fun-loving wonderful pack.

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