We’re not sure where Maddie started, but we know she went from a shelter to an All Breed Rescue, then to us. We were contacted not only because we understand the breed, but also to sort out the frustrating skin issues Maddie was riddled with. She was taken to our vet right away, blood work run, and prescribed the medication for Thyroid problems, had medicated baths and started a new grain-free diet. Within days there was an improvement. After a week, a significant enough improvement meant it was time to work on her terrible social skills. She got her basics, but ultimately turned around once in the foster care of a professional trainer. While in “school” it seems someone had a bit of a crush on her. Maddie turned on her charm and won the affection of a pit bull, her soon to be brother. With that development, the “crush” Maddie’s new Mom had for her turn to love. She wiggled her way into her new family’s hearts and home. We’re happy for you Maddie and your exciting Future!

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