Happy Adoption Odessa!
Puppies are the cutest little bundles of…work! As adorable as they are, they get you up in the middle of the night, chew things they’re not supposed to, and go non-stop. Odessa’s Dad reached out for our help when he quickly came to this realization. At 5 months old, she was already testing her boundaries and making bad decisions. In rescue, she quickly learned her cute fluffy face didn’t mean – get away with everything. She learned manners and respect…but hardly ever slowed down, even after her spay.
Her first post attracted much interest. A previous adopter was carefully looking to expand their sweet family. Three years ago they adopted a strikingly handsome boy by the name of Ozzie. He is young, energetic and will be a great role model for his new little sister. With luck, he might even tire her out! We are so excited for Ozzie and Odessa who have incredibly kind and loving parents. We look forward to future updates on their great life together. Congratulations!

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