Surrendering A Dog

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Our prime focus here is on dogs who are seized from puppy mills, abusive situations, abandonment, neglect  or death of family, incarceration, etc.

If you are trying to surrender a dog because you’re having a baby, or fear for your toddler’s life, or won a trip to Bora Bora, please don’t expect us to offer you assistance, other than to remind you of your role in this decision.

Please take responsible measures to kennel your dog if you are going away, or to re-home your dog in the event you can no longer keep it. You should also contact the breeder who sold you the dog and let them know you can no longer keep it.  Breeders of merit will take back their dogs.

If we do accept your dog into our re-homing program, you will have to prove ownership of the dog and you will have to surrender all medical files and paperwork including registration paperwork if they exist.

It will be up to you to get the dog to us at one of our holding facilities, and you will have to sign a legal document assigning away all and any future rights to this dog.
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