Congratulations Teddy Happy Adoption Day!
Here’s Teddy’s Story….

For three days people witnessed a slow moving ball of fur make its way across a desert parking lot in the hot county of Kuwait. He had no food or water, so when rescuers came, he didn’t resist and followed their lead. They took him to the vet and the groomers. His coat was so matted, it had to be shaved off. Teddy was booked on the earliest flight out and welcomed into Merlin’s Hope. Once again he was taken to the vet for neuter and entropion surgery. His ears were infected and he injured his front paw. His name should have been Money Pit! (But he’s worth every penny!) Instead we called him Teddy. Teddy’s lovable bear like face caught everyone’s attention including many pre-approved perfect applicants. It was a tough choice but there was one couple who patiently waited for him to come along and everything felt right. During the virtual home visit, his bed was in the main room all fluffed up ready for him to come home. He traveled over 10,000 km to find love and happiness…his mom and dad traveled over two days to make sure they could give it to him. His world has changed for the better, forever. Fresh food, clean water, a comfy bed and endless love and attention. Teddy is blissfully home in doggy paradise. Congratulations Teddy and his new family!

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