Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Adoption Indy!

Both of Indys owners passed away one after the other leaving her in the care of their adult children. We don’t know the time line this happened but we do know they feared her enough to call Animal Services to come pick her up.  By this time, her coat was so filthy and matted, they had to sedate her and shave it completely off.  Once in rescue, we called our groomer for help because our hands would be left within grime and grease after petting her.  Our groomer scrubbed her down and washed away some of her neglected past and set her up for a fresh clean start. The next day, Indy was a happier dog and loving all the extra attention. This lovely girl was not one to be feared, she actually asked to be touched. It appears that most of her life, she missed out on physical attention and walks. Indy’s new family has no shortage of loving hands to give pets and scratches….and of course lots of walkies. They have the time and patience to help her along with leash manners and training. Indy loves chill-laxing outdoors and will have her own big deck to sit upon and watch over her new backyard.  Indy’s new family were anxious to hear the patter of paws around the house and re-fill their home with doggie love as only a furry-baby can do!  Congratulations Indy, your future just got a whole lot brighter and congratulations family to your new loveable member!

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