Poppy (Mamacita)

Congratulations Mama-Cita!    Best way to start the week! All her life, (approximately 11 years) Mama-Cita was used as a money making machine. Her puppies would be sold over and over again until her owner died and she was free. When  Animal Services picked her up, they found her in terribly neglected shape. Once she was turned over to us, we immediately had her awful coat groomed off and into the vet for a medical examination.  We discovered she is sadly heartworm positive with a heart arrhythmia. That meant she could not be spayed, and treatment options, exercise and vaccines were all limited. Poppy, as her foster family called her, turned out to be an incredibly sweet girl who would melt into your arms for love and attention. She enjoyed playing with her foster brother and sisters, but mostly loved any human contact.  She deserved to find a forever home where she would be smothered with happiness to make up for lost time. A few years ago, a lovely retired lady applied for a chow, however we didn’t have any available. We referred her to CCRCNY where she adopted a beautiful blind boy. She was ready to grow her sweet family and another gentle chow was exactly what she hoped for. Poppy fit the bill. She reached out to us and we knew Poppy would be in good hands and paws.  She will have a home full of kindness.  Her mom has already fallen in love with those big doe eyes that stare back at her with nothing but gratitude. Congratulations Poppy and your new family! 

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