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Little Raisin did not have an easy start to life…and it showed.
She sat in a NY shelter almost bald, and in need of alot of medical attention. She looked like a senior who had just given up…yet she was actually a mere 9 months old.
With the help of a volunteer, transport was arranged, and a special driver made sure she arrived safely to Merlin’s Hope.
Life quickly changed for this darling girl. Over the next 4 months with a healthy diet, various medications and alot of TLC, new fur grew in. She had surgery on her nose to improve her breathing, then entropien surgery and a brow lift to help her see.
All fixed up, with a new lease on life, she was adopted to a wonderful home with a previous adopter. We were excited !!
Unfortunately, new sides to Raisin’s personality made it impossible for her to stay.
Raisin suffered severe separation anxiety, and each day it got worse. It’s important to know, every effort was made to help with her transition. Here’s a very brief outline of the situation…
Raisin was terribly destructive in her new home, and began instigating fights with the resident dogs. We advised crating her to keep everyone safe when left alone. Raisin ripped apart a metal crate beyond repair, thereby injuring herself. A plastic airline crate was the next obvious choice. Her mom came home to a bloody mess. Raisin not only chewed threw a portion of it, but again, inflicted physical damage to herself.
Heartbroken, her mom knew that this was not the best home for her.
We immediately took her back, but she was not the same dog. Once again she shut down, barely moving or responding. The next several weeks were spent back and forth to the vets office treating her wounds. Slowly she began to heal physically and emotionally. We realized this will be an ongoing effort, that will require the help of a professional trainer. It has been an exhausting process to pull her out of her slump but eventually she has come around, at least with her foster family.
It was going to be hard to transition her to another home. It seemed that Raisin may have had other plans. This time she made an even bigger effort to play and cuddle with her siblings. She made it perfectly clear she wanted to stay, and now gained the support of her pack. With all that has been invested in this little girl, and so much at stake, her pleading eyes won.

So just in time for Christmas, Raisin is officially adopted. She has a permanent place on the Christmas tree, and is thrilled to have an amazing big sister who luvs her to bits.

Happy Adoption day Raisin


I’m pleased to announce Chance is already happy in his forever home!
Chance was surrendered to an Ottawa shelter after his family fell apart. We were contacted and agreed to take him into rescue. The many volunteers from Critters & Cabs transported him safely and while on his way, he was such a good boy, he almost charmed a driver into adopting him! He arrived looking as handsome as ever even with his scruffy coat. Chance was pretty matted and sensitive through his hind area and desperately needed a good groom. Once bathed and brushed, he looked a million dollars. His foster Dad adored him but was still mourning the loss of his last incredibly great boy. When a potential application came in, Foster Dad couldn’t bare losing another magnificent chow. He quickly signed the papers to seal the deal. Bob and Chance are new best friends and nobody can split them apart! Congratulations Bob & Chance, you boys take care of each other!


Happy Ending for Coffee!
Coffee is simply delicious. This quiet little girl, was surrendered to a shelter in New York. Her thick red coat was so badly matted, it had to be shave right to her skin. Coffee made herself sick with stress in the shelter so staff worked hard to get her safely into rescue. Here, we quickly noticed her scratching excessively and took her to the vet. Coffee was prescribed antibiotics, anti-itch meds., medicated baths, wipes and a diet change. Weeks later, at the end of her drugs, baths and grooms, she was still itchy. The vet rechecked and decided it was possibly simply a habit. Meanwhile, an approved applicant expressed enthusiastic interest and was set to pick her up. Before she left, we noticed an occasional limp when she got up, so back to the vet she went. X-rays revealed she suffers with hip dyspepsia. More meds. Supplements, and lifestyle change were in order. Her adoption was immediately put on hold. After speaking with other vets, the out pour of our Facebook followers and much research, we better understood what support she needed. The waiting applicant wasn’t deterred by Coffee’s condition, and discussed a plan on how to help her baby enjoy a positive future. Mom was anxious to get her home and settled. For the first time possibly ever, Coffee won’t have to share her toys or bed, everything is new, pretty and hers! She will be regularly groomed, vetted and walked….a new way of life and so deserving. Best of all, Coffee will have all Mom’s love and attention, and Mom will definitely have hers! Congratulations Coffee & Mom!



Lilly was tied to a post and abandoned outside a deli in New York. Nobody came looking for her. A by-passer contacted Animal Services to help the little dog get home or somewhere safe. Time passed and the only people looking for her were shelter staff searching for a rescue. Every one was full, so we stepped up and took her in. She was older than we thought, and came with a few medical issue such as a masses on her tongue which we had removed along with some much needed dental work. During her recovery, she kept a low profile and blended into the existing pack in the foster home. Foster mom spent many hours caring for her fevering body, cooling her hot swollen hocks, and fighting the urge to fall in love with this sweet fragile girl. What foster mom (Dawn….yes that’s right, Dawn) didn’t know, is that Lilly subtly won foster Dad’s heart and already secured her place in the family forever. Much to Dawn’s relief, Lilly is staying. Congratulations Lilly, you found your way home, and Dawn….no more fighting it, ya loved her from the moment she walked through your door and into your heart! Congratulations!


This little girl’s happy beginning started when a women provided her with a simple dish of water in 50C before she left for work. Later that day, the woman came home and saw the dehydrated dog still tied to a tree, and nobody around. She rushed to her aid, calling the only two rescues in Kuwait where she lives. They were full. A quick call was made to us, pleading for our assistance. One look at her, and a quick decision was made along with her new name, Chula. The rescue took her in with our commitment and expedited her vetting which included entropian surgery and spay. Next was her big flight to Canada. Chula quickly learned that we were all there to help. This happy little girl over came many fears and adapted quickly to all the changes. Her fun personality and quirky markings won the hearts of many applicants. Chula’s happy ending is her happy beginning to life in Canada as the newest member of a sweet dog loving family. We are thrilled to have been part of this little dogs safe journey to happiness. Congratulations to Chula’s family, you have a special girl, and to Chula who will be forever loved and the newest member of a sweet family.
Happy Adoption Day !!


Little Arya was wandering around loose through the big streets of N.Y., clearly lost. A concerned samaritan brought her to animal control in hopes she would reunited with her family..but sadly no one came. Poor behaviour and a bad attitude slated her for “Rescue only”. She did not get along with other dogs…period. Once in rescue, she had to learn cope with her new foster siblings. It was a challenge, but she was a puppy with potential. A past adopter with oodles of experience watched her progress and was excited to work with her to become an agility dog. Arya joined her pack and in no time, this little rambunctious girl with zero manners, training or social skills was in doggy boot camp. Not only did she learn her basic obedience, but so much more. She was having a great time until she decided she didn’t want to share any of this with her new pack. Things got tense, and the decision was made to return Arya. Although it was hard for her new mama, it was the responsible thing to do. She needed to be an only dog. Before she left, another family met her and saw a happy little girl with manners. That family had a planned holiday which gave them time think about adopting a new fur baby. 
Arya was back to her original foster family when we got the call, “We’re cutting our vacation short!” They wanted Arya sooner then later! It was an exciting beginning for this sweet girl. Her new mom and dad arrived to pick her up but nobody prepared them for what happened next. They came to the house, and Arya jumped into their arms! She cried with excitement covering them with wet nose doggy kisses! Arya started this journey as a lost puppy with no one looking for her. Her journey ends with a loving family who will always keep her close safe and she’s grateful they cam

Lou Lou Roo

Painful beginning to a Happy Ending…..Roo’s story

*Sharing may help bring Awareness*

Sweltering hot temperatures do not discourage people in Kuwait to keep their pets cool indoors. Often it’s the complete opposite. In Roo’s case, she was tied to a leash on the hot roof top of a three story building. Thunder boomed and spooked her, she panicked and ran. Trouble was, there was no where to run except off the edge of the building. There she hung by her neck three stories high. Dangling, scared…helpless Eventually her collar broke. Her fall crushed her pelvis and several other bones but determined, she dragged herself to shelter. A by passer found her and called for help. KAREQ8 came and brought her to the emergency vet where she underwent the first of several surgeries. Three surgeries to put her back together….but she continued to cry in pain. A couple months later, the crying didn’t stop so two more surgeries followed. 
Our Rescue vet, Dr. Sagu in Oakville, looked at her X-ray and said the surgeon who repaired her did a remarkable job. She has recovered with no limp, or awkward gate…he was extreamly impressed. 
Eventually Roo’s fur grew back, covering her long scar and reminder of the awful past. Roo stayed in foster care for the next year where she healed and was loved to bits until it was time to find a safe happy forever home. 
A lovely couple were missing their chow after she crossed the Rainbow bridge. Their home felt empty without the pitter patter of paws. They patiently waited for the right rescue to come in, and once again fill their home with doggy love. Roo was just the girl to do that. It was an exciting introduction full of wagging tails and smiles. Not only does Lou Lou Roo have her own forever family, but also a whole kingdom-home to guard and meander in. 
She will be spoiled with love – care and attention. Best of all, her family will keep her safe and always protect her from the Thunder Monsters! Congratulat ions Lou Lou Roo, you came to this beautiful country to find a better life, and you did! Details and photos of Roo’s story are on Instagram at Saving Roo KAREQ8 Special thanks to Maha and her team for saving her and to Roos loving foster family for still caring. Congratulat ions to Lou Lou Roos new family, you have a special little girl well worth the wait!



Yogi Bear- aka Rolly- aka “Stinky”…because when animal services picked him up from the streets of Rochester, he reeked of skunk. After a month in the shelter, his time was up. A volunteer determined to save him, reached out to rescues but there was no room. She then appealed to other shelters to take him which would buy him more time. Again, there was no room, but a shelter did point her to us. We met the volunteer in Niagara Falls NY and the very “Stinky” Rolly. Instead of heading home, we took him straight to the doggie spa for a much needed bath where he blissfully melted into the groomers arms. Rolly was patient and co-operated while his horribly matted coat was shaved off, simply happy to be handled. Now looking and feeling good with his adorable bear face, he was appropriately Re-named Yogi. 
Yogi had a lot to learn like how to get in and out of a vehicle. He learned how to walk on a leash and sit respectfully for his dinner or a treat. He learned “wait”. He also learned those big brown eyes caught the attention of a previous adopter. After a long drive from New Hampshire, they met Yogi and knew instantly, he was going to become the newest member of their family. 
Yogi’s lucky to have two beautiful siblings Rosie and Madi to help him settle in. He has his very own family who will smother him with pets, belly rubs and love. Finally Yogi will get the care and attention he craves and a fur-ever happy home where he absolutely belongs. We couldn’t be more happy for this sweet boy. Congratulations Yogi!


This little girl was found by KARE Rescue in Kuwait, in rough condition and under weight after being used as a breeding bitch. Not only did KARE take care of her, but reached out to find her better options to ensure a happy safe future, including a country with a more suitable climate. Hatchi arrived with wagging tails despite the very long flight and strange environment. She was delightful and respectful to her foster brothers and sisters. Calm, relaxed and gentle described her…until she met Maurice. Maurice came along for the drive to meet his new sister. He walked into the house, past the resident girls with complete disinterest…until he laid eyes on Hatchi. She perked up like we’ve never seen before, and couldn’t keep her paws off him. Maurice was trembling with delight. It was a match made in…Hev- Merlin’s Hope! The two of them got loaded into the van and drove off into the sunset. The honeymooning chows will enjoy life together with their dedicated owners who promise to spoil them with just as much love as they have for each other! Congratulations Hatchi! Maurice and family!


Peaches Peaches Peaches…what were we to do with you? As outlined in her profile, she was a medical mess… Her future intailed several trips in and out of the vets office, different cocktails of meds. and possibly another knee surgery if the new bone growth caused her pain . Her Foster mom had many sleepless nights cooling her over-heated body, taken time off work to rush her into the vets for an emergency appointment, and endless worry. Though the expectations of our adopters is high, we don’t want to knowingly set people up for heartaches and or failure. That’s exactly what’s at risk each time Peaches goes into crises.
We feel strongly that her options are to stay in rescue for the rest of her life, or be adopted by her foster family and have an official forever home. Good news….Merlin’s Hope will help support Peaches care, and she will be officially adopted by her foster mom . Congratulations Peaches, look right at home with your new brother and sister

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