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This is a two part story….

Part one starts off pretty similar to most posts we write about dogs who come into our rescue. Flex was picked up as a stray by the SPCA. He was in sad shape, grossly underweight, itchy, infected ears and a patchy looking coat. The shelter staff took great care of him until we picked him up and begun immediate treatment for all….including a trip to the vet for entropion surgery. In no time, Flex knew he was on the road to wellness.

Part two….

Eight years ago…yep you read it right.. Dawn entered a local feed store making quite the impression. She was walking a very unhealthy obese Shar pei named Weeny, with a new unruly puppy in desperate need of entropion surgery and general manners! The three of them were spotted by Cathy who was biting her tongue at the “horrible abusive state” these poor dogs were in. A conversation was inevitable… but to both ladies surprise, it went in a direction neither of them could have imagined. After introductions were made, Cathy was relived to learn, no dogs were being mistreated, and in fact, a friendship was formed. Cathy soon became one of our biggest supporters and advocates. Every year she organizes a large artisan fair. She sells tables, gathers prizes to raffle, created an online shop and speaks about our rescue to everyone and anyone who will listen. This year, the ladies were scouting out locations and set up a meeting to see a new possible venue. Cathy arrived first, Dawn in tow….with Flex. Looking as handsome as ever, he strut right in and caught Cathy’s eye. One long look and she was like a school girl weak in the knees over a cute boy. Flex of course was his suave self and had her wrapped around his paw in no time. Earlier Cathy expressed interest in fostering, but the moment she snatched up his leash, we all knew she wasn’t letting go!

Finally….Cathy who was ready to defend the poor dogs in our care but instead foged an amazing relationship with us, has now officially adopted from us AND joined our Merlin’s Hope Family! Congratulations Flex, you have the best home ever, and to Cathy for believing in what we do and now experiencing it first hand. Happy adoption day!

PS :she couldn’t wait for the cone to come



Indy’s story is full of challenges for this little girl. Her owners passed away leaving her in a very neglected state…. The adult children were fearful of her and called Animal Services to take her away. Once in the shelter, they shaved her matted coat completely off and monitored her behaviour. Staff saw a scared dog looking for attention and reached out to us before her time there ran out. When she arrived in rescue, she was nervous but a nice wee dog. Her foster mom met us at the groomers for a good scrub down. Indy’s skin was black with dirt and her fur was so greasy it left your hands coated with grime after a pet. Super clean and proving to be a sweet girl. We worked on leash manners particularly when encountering canines. Her reactiveness seemed to lessen dramatically and walks were becoming much more enjoyable. She was ready to find her forever home. A few folks came and met her….she impressed everyone with her eagerness to be pet and rubbed. Her lovely manners on a walk with a simple huff when passing another dog….yet nobody wanted to adopt her.
There was a perfect application on file for another dog in rescue. She had tons of experience with the breed but was determined her next chow would be blue or cream. Indy was red. Time passed, everyone seemed to want to surrender dogs, not adopt. The perfect applicant met with another rescue and considered another breed….but she stopped…chow chows held a special place in her heart. She found herself looking at our website again, and saw Indy’s big doe eyes looking back at her. Indy needed her. She popped us an email to inquire. We didn’t hesitate to set up a meet and a walk! Everyone was nervous and excited. Indy was her usual cute-as-a-button self….and best of all, finally she has someone who was willing to give her a chance to prove what an awesome girl she is. We are thrilled that her special someone loves her, and is willing to do whatever she can to ensure Indy has a safe, happy, caring forever home. Congratulations Indy, you deserve the very best, and with your new mama…we are confident you will be living your best life! Again, we are so very happy for you and your new mom!


A rescue contacted us with a tip about a Shar pei boxer cross who could really use our help. When we arrived we met a big happy guy living in a rough looking pen in a barn type kennel. He had pressure sores from laying on concrete, smelled absolutely foul and had painful looking eyes. We took him into rescue right away and scrubbed him down in a sudsy bath, washing away his neglected past. Not long after that he saw the vet for a full exam, entropion surgery, hip x-rays and neuter. He dealt with a lot of changes in a very short time and managed exceptionally well. Chester adapted to indoor living and the luxury of toys, attention, good food and fluffy dog beds. Well…the fluffy dog beds and toys got de-stuffed but that was all part of the fun.
Chester had no shortage of wonderful applications. We worked with a family who recently said goodbye to their beloved rescue dog and were anxious to give another dog in need, the abundant love and care they could offer.
From the first phone call, everything fell into place quickly. It started with an instant connection, an outstanding vet reference and the eagerness to meet “their handsome boy.” We made it happen without delay.
All packed up and on the road to meet his new family, Chester chill-axed for the 6 hour long road trip. When we finally arrived, it was pure happiness! Meeting his new family was nice….but seeing them look at their new boy with pure adoration made the trip well worth while! Chester walked into their home and soared right into their hearts! Mr. People Pleaser made a wonderful first impression showing off his newly learned skills. He checked out the huge doggy bed and large basket of toys. Happier than ever, Chester was home….forever.


Congratulations Gaston! Gaston was a stud…literally.  He was kept in an outside pen until his services were needed.  His life would have been pretty sheltered had his owner not died.  Authorities picked him up, and contacted rescue. Once in our care, he was fully vetted and neutered. His life just did a 360!  Everything was new and exciting, and with no prior experience on leash, he had a lot to learn!  An experienced chow handler was eager to welcome him into her home.  She has the time, dedication  and support of a trainer to help Gaston become the best boy that he can be!  We are happy that he will be part of a family.  He will be sleeping on a big comfy bed inside, and spoiled with lots of love and attention!  Congratulations Gaston! Your new life has just begun!

Poppy (Mamacita)

Congratulations Mama-Cita!    Best way to start the week! All her life, (approximately 11 years) Mama-Cita was used as a money making machine. Her puppies would be sold over and over again until her owner died and she was free. When  Animal Services picked her up, they found her in terribly neglected shape. Once she was turned over to us, we immediately had her awful coat groomed off and into the vet for a medical examination.  We discovered she is sadly heartworm positive with a heart arrhythmia. That meant she could not be spayed, and treatment options, exercise and vaccines were all limited. Poppy, as her foster family called her, turned out to be an incredibly sweet girl who would melt into your arms for love and attention. She enjoyed playing with her foster brother and sisters, but mostly loved any human contact.  She deserved to find a forever home where she would be smothered with happiness to make up for lost time. A few years ago, a lovely retired lady applied for a chow, however we didn’t have any available. We referred her to CCRCNY where she adopted a beautiful blind boy. She was ready to grow her sweet family and another gentle chow was exactly what she hoped for. Poppy fit the bill. She reached out to us and we knew Poppy would be in good hands and paws.  She will have a home full of kindness.  Her mom has already fallen in love with those big doe eyes that stare back at her with nothing but gratitude. Congratulations Poppy and your new family! 


Happy Adoption Chili!
A bit of a ruff start…Chili was in a home where the owner’s boyfriend rough-handled him, specifically grabbing him aggressively by the collar or neck. When Chili had enough, he started to bite in retaliation. The owners solution was to dump her dog at the local shelter. We got a call about a lovely albeit badly matted chow who seemed quite friendly, except when you handled his neck area. There was no way they could get a collar on him. We accepted him into rescue, arranged transport and brought this shabby looking boy in. Once he trusted us, we carefully felt his mane which we discovered was a solid mass. Our groomer patiently shaved his awful coat, freeing his neck from the tightly knotted hair. You could almost see the relief in his smile as we massaged his neck and chest. We managed to get a collar on, but he still was a bit leery despite enjoying the neck scratches. By the time he recovered from his neuter, he was almost desensitized to moving a collar on and off. He was ready to find his forever home. His forever family was excited to meet him, and preparing for his arrival.
Their beautiful girl Mitsu was missing her friend after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge a year ago. They waited patiently for the right companion to come along, and was hopeful Chili was it. This young handsome boy would certainly cheer her up and be a welcoming addition to their sweet family. Mitsu and Chili acted pretty “chill” around each other…but since his arrival HOME, they have been inseparable! We’re happy that Chili will never be mishandled again, and only enjoy neck rubs and Mitsu kisses! Happy adoption day Chili & Congratulations to your new family!


Pepper had no idea what he did, that was so terrible for his owner to dump him at the shelter.  Based on his behaviour and the intake information, he was deemed “rescue only”.  Forever Homes Rescue stepped up and committed to him.  When their volunteer finally coaxed him out of the shelter, he relaxed a little but he was still untrusting and very unsure.  They took him to the vet for entropion surgery and the removal of an extra dew claw.  They did all they could to help this boy, including contacting a breed specific rescue. For that, we are thankful, and particularly thank Sara Saintbury.  Dawn met Pepper several times and understood the little ques he gave that told her he was a good boy. Sara believed in him too, but just couldn’t crack his tough shell.  Everyone agreed, his best option was with Dawn, so we accepted him into our rescue program. His report said, “not good with other dogs” and he was heading to a house where he would have to cope with three, including Diesel. Diesel was a big tough male who went a little crazy at the sight of another dog. Dawn’s been working diligently with him but bringing another male in the house might be too much. Too much fun that is!  Diesel surprised everyone when he instantly made a new friend!  Raisin and Peach didn’t mind having another handsome boy to boss around either. Not only did Pepper crack the pack, he made it better. He comforts the dogs if he thinks they’re in distress, he brings Diesel’s energy down instead of up in uncertain situations and after Peach’s passing, has made his way into Dawn’s heart to help it heal with a little less pain.  He’s a completely different dog now than when he first came into rescue. He’s not perfect, but he’s perfectly loved.


A very long over due post…
Cindy’s happy ending according to me, Debbie, her forever mom.
Cathy originally adopted Cindy to a fellow who lived up the street from us.
She became well known around the neighborhood because she would dig her way out from under the fence and roam the streets freely. She often found her way to our house where she’d stay until picked back up.
Cindy and her sister Jet were surrendered to me after a friend spotted Cindy walking along the train tracks! Their owner was facing copious amounts of life changes and the added stress of an escape artist dog just became too much. Cindy’s adoptive prospects were grim since she scared just about everybody she met.
Late one night, the dogs got excited by the front door likely over a bunny. The barking escalated and I hollered from my bedroom. I got up after a Yelp and sent all 7 dogs out back while I cleaned up a bit of blood. One by one I brought them in for inspection. Jet’s ear had a tiny pierce but she was absolutely fine. What wasn’t fine was Cindy who was missing. She dug a nice hole in a matter of seconds and crawled under the gate. We panicked. Got dressed. Grabbed car keys. Both of us flew outside to find her. ….sitting at the top of our driveway. She looked at us with pleading eyes, I opened the porch gate and she happily came in. There was no other place she would rather be. This is her home, and she wasn’t leaving. It’s been at least two years and she’s never done it again. Cindy chose to stay and we love the scary little escape artist. This has always been your home.


With over 36,000 hits and looking as handsome as ever, OScar still didn’t find his forever home. This poor old boy just needed someone willing to join him on a couple lovely walks a day and a place to rest his furry head. He was no trouble, not demanding….really when he wasn’t walking, he was pretty much sleeping!
We reached out to a fellow who sadly lost his buddy (possibly to bloat such an unexpected passing) and asked him if he would be willing to to foster. He agreed and Oscar moved in. Several weeks later, we picked OScar back up to do some follow up vetting and hoped he still had a place with his foster Dad. As it turned out, Foster Dad was missing his furry house guest and anxious for his return! When he said those sweet words, “when’s my dog coming home” ….our hearts exploded with happiness! OScar had a person who cared, loved and missed him…and of course, a forever home! It’s a special person who opens their heart to an older animal and is willing to care for them for whatever time they have. OScar we are so happy you found your special person! And….you get to enjoy long country walks every morning and night around your amazing country property….a perfect life! Congratulations Bill & OScar!

Jack & Jill

Jack and Jill came back to us when their family had an unexpected life change. Fortunately there was a fantastic foster home available with a large welcoming family. All the extra attention, walks, and healthy treats helped them settle in quickly and comfortably. Soon they were playing and “talking” like they’d lived there forever. The foster family’s grandson was thrilled to have TWO REAL LIVE teddy bears! The rest of the family felt an instant connection with Jack and Jill, like they had always lived there. No one could imagine the home without the sound of their paws scampering around the house. Jill’s pure joy for endless strokes and Jack’s adorable chatter have definitely found a place in everyone’s hearts….and made it their home. Congratulations Jack and Jill and to your new family for a future full of love.

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