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One of the worst cases of neglect the vet has ever seen regarding this dogs eyes. Poor Mooshu suffered for 9 years of being bred almost to death before her owner surrendered her to rescue. Weak, blind and shut down, Mooshu could barely walk when we accepted her. Upon medical assessment, it was determined she needed at least a month of good care to build up her body strength before considering surgery. Not only did she get excellent care in her foster home, but enough love to build her confidence up as well.
Once her body and spirit were ready, Mooshu was scheduled for entrophian surgery, spay and to have a tumor removed. Again she needed rest to recuperate. Her foster Mom was anxious to get her home and start caring for the girl who was once terribly broken. She watched her heal, inside and out. Her coat started to shine, fur grew in, her eyes opened and she could see. Mooshu was happy, pain free and had a reason to live…to give her foster Mom love filled thank-you’s for the rest of her days. Thank-you foster Mom for being a “foster-failure” and winning the trust and love for this desperately needed girl. A true rescue story and happy ending for one little dog.
Happy adoption day…


Animal Control was called to pick this boy up after he bit someone in the face. He was scheduled to be euthanized in ten days. Echo took that time to prove to the staff that he was a good boy… and he succeeded. However, He was still deemed “unadoptable” so they contacted several rescues but his bite history made his chances slim to none. They reached across the boarder and we agreed to give him a chance. While in foster care, Echo continued to work his charm, this time on his foster Dad and a pretty female chow named Gaia. The two were inseparable and for the first time, Gaia had a playmate. Foster Dad finally had his “fun-dog” and threatened to stop rescuing if Echo left. Don’t worry, we’ve taken three more dogs in need…I was out numbered 4-1, Echo’s staying. Foster Dad and Gaia are happy, Echo’s happy and I’m happy helping chows. Echo still has no idea how hard he bites but we’re working on that. He rarely air snaps now… now that he has his forever home. Congratulations Echo, you’re officially part of the pack!


The Human Society was called to pick up Bruno and his girlfriend. Together they resided at the shelter for the next six months while Staff patiently worked with them to help make them adoptable. They also
diligently tried to find them a safe place in Rescue for a hopefully future. We suggested they split them up for a better chance of adoption and they did. Finally we committed to Bruno and shortly after to his friend Zooey who quickly found her forever home. Bruno however was a senior male making him a less appealing to adopt. Life so far has been about abandonment. His original owner left him, the shelter staff come and go, his girlfriend disappeared…he put on a tough face, but he was scared. He walked proud on a leash, but over reacted when seeing other dogs making his adoption option even slimmer.
Good thing he’s as cute as a button. When his new family took one look at his photo, they knew he was their boy. Before he could be adopted, Bruno needed his teeth cleaned and sadly a few pulled. His new Mom and Dad anxiously waited. When it was time to go, it was a family affair. Bruno got a big welcome and a perfect start to his new life. We’re happy Bruno has a perfect home, his own bed, yard and best of all his own people! Finally he has what every dog wants…attention and love. What makes this even more amazing… Zooey’s only 10 minuets away! Congratulations To Bruno-Bear…you are finally are home.


Zooey’s owner died and left her and her brother in the care of someone who clearly disliked and disowned them.  By the time animal control was called to “take them away” they were pretty neglected and wild with fear.  A staff member at the shelter was willing to give them a chance and they came around.  For six months, staff searched for a rescue where they would find them safe happy homes.  Merlin’s Hope stepped up and was thrilled to introduce a wonderful lady who was waiting for a special companion to this sweet girl waiting for a forever home. Zooey will have all the attention and love she deserves and will give it back to her new Mom with puppy dog eyes and dedication.



Tyson was temporarily spending time in a junk yard, and it showed. His dirty coat stunk as did the infection in his mouth.  Our groomer did a fabulous job cleaning him up just in time for his surgery to be neutered.  Once under, his mouth was also cleaned and antibiotics were prescribed.  Tyson’s previous owner  made a tough decision to call upon Rescue and surrender his beloved companion.   It was a sad and sensitive situation but we promised to find Tyson an incredible home so he would not have to worry about his dog any longer.  His foster mom was a perfect start.  A gentle patient gal made his transition easier.  While Tyson was being fostered, he made friends with the resident cat.  He charmed his way into everyone’s hearts and no one could imagine the house without Tyson.  He was home.  Congratulations Tyson, you’ll be spoiled with new adventures and endless love for the rest of your life.   


After days on the loose, Milo was hit by a car. He suffered a fractured pelvis but that didn’t stop him from running. Finally he was trapped and taken to the local Human Society where he stayed for the next few weeks. He was apprehensive, scared and needed more than the shelter could provide. Dispite much networking, no one came looking for this boy and he needed to be moved out of the shelter. Merlin’s Hope stepped up and agreed to help and give him a safe place to rest and recuperate. He was placed with an experienced foster who gained his trust, helped with his recuperation and worked with his behavioural issues. When a pre-approved family first saw Milo’s picture, there was a connection that no one could deny. That connection was solidified with love the moment they met. Milo not only had a new family..but a new pei sister also… Congratulations Milo, you found your home.


A new family, a new beginning and a new name, Mabel. Mabel’s previous family surrendered her to the Windsor shelter when they were displaced. Her skin was in terrible shape along with missing patches of fur where she had been chewing at herself. The shelter treated her for allergies, vetted her and tried to get some weigh on her tiny frame. The staff was nervous to work with her and called a trainer in for support. Two months later we were contacted and brought this little girl into our adoption program. We changed her food to grain free and are continuing with allergy medication. Mabel has worked hard at learning leash manners along with basic obedience, and has become the sweetest little girl she could possibly be. Mable’s new Mom and Dad adored her before they even met her. While she was in rescue, they came over every day to visit and walk her. It was a perfect match. Mabel won the hearts of many in her short time with us, but most important, she found a committed family to love her forever.


Nena arrived in Rescue at the age of 5 months old with terrible allergies after being surrendered to the local SPCA. She was adopted at the age of 6 months and lived a fabulous life for 8 great years. Sadly circumstances changed and Nena’s family could no longer give her the proper care she needed. They made the hard but unselfish and responsible decision to surrender her back to Merlin’s Hope. We welcomed her back with open arms and placed her in one of our most experiences foster homes. The moment Nena stepped inside, she must have known she was never going to leave. She settled right in, found her place in the pack and just relaxed because she was home. She knew, her new siblings knew it, and deep down I’m sure her foster Mom knew it too….it just took her a few days to admit it! We couldn’t be more happy for Nena’s last and final Furever home because it’s a pretty special place. Thank you Inez, Daily and Xio Meimei, for opening your home and hearts to this wonderful girl and accepting her into your family.



Cute little Kia has had a challenging life. When Kia`s Dad could no longer keep her, he found her a home where he could still provide food, vetting and visit her regularly. Eventually he moved to Canada leaving Kia well-funded with her trusted care giver in the Dominican Republic. Sadly, there was no care given. A vacationing relative checked in on her and found a terribly sick dog barely recognizable. Kia was horribly neglected, emaciated, and full of mange, ticks and fleas. She was brought to Canada and immediately taken to the vets. Due to the terrible condition of her skin, she had to be shaved and treated with antibiotics. Her fur is nicely growing back and she’s gaining much needed weight. Though Kia`s been neglected for a stretch of her life, she still remains a happy little girl. She quickly warmed up to her new parents and has settled into a real home. For the rest of her life, Kia will be properly cared for, enjoy regular walks, lots of love, oodles of attention and feel like a member of the family. We`re happy for you Kia, Congratulations sweet little girl!


Lokie lived the first 8 month of his life in a cone with his skin constantly itchy, raw and bleeding, even his eyes were sore.. Frustrated with ongoing skin issues, vet bills and a very tight budget, his owners surrendered him to rescue. Right away he went to the vet for an assessment and medication was prescribed,medicated bath for his stinky-yeasty body, and his diet was changed to grain free.
We scheduled him for for entropian surgery and a neuter. Within a few days this boy was feeling so much better, and was able to finally start enjoying life. This giant puppy (70 lbs at 9 month old) was ready to start his life his new family. Unfortunately his first new family weren’t quite ready for him. He was returned, but when one door closes, another one opens. Loki met his new “foster family” where he would stay until he got adopted. Lokie made sure he wasn’t going anywhere else so he bonded to the the husband since they were outnumbered by all the girls in the house. It worked! Lokie’s new Dad was happy to have a “playmate” and his foster Mom, well…she secretly loved him before she even met him.

Not only did Lokie find his forever home but one with shar pei experience including THREE pei sisters.
Happy adoption day Kingston !!

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