Peaches Peaches Peaches…what were we to do with you? As outlined in her profile, she was a medical mess… Her future intailed several trips in and out of the vets office, different cocktails of meds. and possibly another knee surgery if the new bone growth caused her pain . Her Foster mom had many sleepless nights cooling her over-heated body, taken time off work to rush her into the vets for an emergency appointment, and endless worry. Though the expectations of our adopters is high, we don’t want to knowingly set people up for heartaches and or failure. That’s exactly what’s at risk each time Peaches goes into crises.
We feel strongly that her options are to stay in rescue for the rest of her life, or be adopted by her foster family and have an official forever home. Good news….Merlin’s Hope will help support Peaches care, and she will be officially adopted by her foster mom . Congratulations Peaches, look right at home with your new brother and sister

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