About Merlin’s Hope

In 2003, Merlin’s Hope brought two women together who were passionate about the well being of Chow Chow’s and Shar Peis. Their mission was to save, rehabilitate and rehome chows and shar peis with emphasis placed on blind, handicapped or death row dogs. The rescue was founded in honour of Merlin, a blind chow who was a true ambassador of the breed and loved by all who met him. In 2015, the rescue lost a co-founder who we hope found her beloved Merlin in a better place. Merlin’s Hope again brought together two incredible women who continue to rescue chows and shar peis. Our mission is to help and/or save chows and shar peis who are either homeless, mis-understood, handicapped, or require medical care that we are capable of providing.

We are operated by benevolent volunteers who are gainfully employed and donate our time to the Rescue Effort.