Adoption Procedure


#1. Complete and return via e-mail or fax the Adoption Form ⬅️Click to open form in new page.

#2. A rescue volunteer will contact you within 48 hours to review your application, check your vet reference, and then arrange a home visit if you wish to peruse the adoption.

Why a home visit?

  • We are not going to your home to check if you have dust on your furniture or dishes in the sink.
  • We do home visits to substantiate and to validate the information you put on your adoption form.
  • During our visit we try to take the adoption candidate with us (depending on the location), so that the dog and applicant can meet and the chemistry can be evaluated.
  • If the rescue dog is not available for the home visit, sometimes the volunteer will bring another dog along as a companion.

#3. Once everyone is satisfied, your adoption can come to completion and you may take possession of your new family member.

Our adoption fee includes:

  • all up to date required vaccinations
  • entropion surgery if needed
  • sterilization
  • Blood-work
  • Copies of medical history if available
  • Adoption certificate

Nothing is Written in Stone

All illnesses, aptitudes, temperaments or any other known issues that we are aware of  are always disclosed to the potential adopter so that there are NO surprises. Of course, just like humans, dogs are individuals, therefore we cannot discover everything and sometimes new behaviours manifest themselves in the home that were not present or evident during our evaluation period.

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