This little girl was found by KARE Rescue in Kuwait, in rough condition and under weight after being used as a breeding bitch. Not only did KARE take care of her, but reached out to find her better options to ensure a happy safe future, including a country with a more suitable climate. Hatchi arrived with wagging tails despite the very long flight and strange environment. She was delightful and respectful to her foster brothers and sisters. Calm, relaxed and gentle described her…until she met Maurice. Maurice came along for the drive to meet his new sister. He walked into the house, past the resident girls with complete disinterest…until he laid eyes on Hatchi. She perked up like we’ve never seen before, and couldn’t keep her paws off him. Maurice was trembling with delight. It was a match made in…Hev- Merlin’s Hope! The two of them got loaded into the van and drove off into the sunset. The honeymooning chows will enjoy life together with their dedicated owners who promise to spoil them with just as much love as they have for each other! Congratulations Hatchi! Maurice and family!

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