After nearly eight years, Jet and Cindy were surrendered back to the rescue.  Fortunately they lived close by and considered this their second home.  The goal was to keep them together since they’d never been apart, however considering their age, breed and Cindy’s nature, it was going to be a challenge. Unlike her sister, Jet always appears to be smiling and greets everyone with affection.  Though she liked to play hard with the pack, she really loves to snuggle with people.  It became clear that she needed more one on one attention.  Our past dog-sitters (and friends) came by to help out with walks.  In no time Jet did what Jet does…lets people fall in love with her.   We agreed to a foster trial to see how she would cope, away from her buddies. After long walks, she was too exhausted to care where she was, as long as she had a comfy couch to crash on.  Regular meet ups allowed her to play with her sister, but after she was ready to head “home,” to that glorious attention and comfy couch.  Jet’s foster parents couldn’t believe how easily she adapted to every situation and environment.  They love doting on her as much as she seems enjoy being special.  With play dates and walks, Jet has the best of both worlds, a home where she can be the princess, and time with the her friends. Her new mom and dad are equally as thrilled to make Jet a permanent member of their sweet little family.

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