We were contacted for help by Abby’s owners who were moving and had to give up their dogs. It was the best thing that happened to this little girl and here’s why: During her initial assessment, we saw her bottom lids completely curled inward, which is a painful condition that can cause ulcers, and lead to blindness (called entropien) Also, they walked her on a pinch collar to control her reactivity when meeting another dogs. It was clear her owners didn’t need our help as much as Abby did, so we committed to take her. She came into rescue and immediately the pinch collar was removed and a vet appointment was made. Not only did she have entropion surgery for her weepy soar eyes, but her nares(nostrils) were enlarged up to help her breath easier.

Abby still gave dogs big attitude but at least she felt better doing it. Her foster mom was determined to teach this 5.5 year old girl, the coping skills she needed to be around other dogs. Abby tolerated all the changes including the new rules and eventually, with lots of coaching, her temporary doggy siblings became “friends”

Meanwhile, past and pre-approved applicants were rapidly sending in inquiries. One couple visit with her and we got to see a whole other side of Abby. To our surprise, she showed off how smart, cute and loveable she can be. They left, and so did the dancing dog…Abby was back to her stoic self. On their next visit, Abby poured it on even thicker! With love in her eyes, she constantly stayed close to them, and made sure they knew how amazing she can be. Little did she know, they already knew, and felt the same way.

We’re not sure who chose who first, but we’re positive it’s a perfect fit! Abby will have it all…a loving forever home, continued training, all the attention she deserves and best of all, not one, but two cool moms!
Congratulations to these 3 lovely ladies
Happy Adoption Day

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