The BEST news!
KARE Q-8, a trusted rescue we have previously worked with, picked Pilot up when they spotted him living on the streets of Kuwait. They immediately took him to a groomer who had no choice but to shave off his filthy, badly-matted coat. Pilot was in rough shape and was next taken for some much-needed vetting and to be neutered.

Arranging the flight to Canada was a daunting task because flights were halted both because of COVID-19 and the death of the Kuwaiti Prince. We’re grateful to KARE Q-8 for their diligence with all the arrangements and the good loving care they provided in the meantime.

When Pilot finally arrived in Toronto, he was the epitome of aloof – a very typical Chow Chow. However it didn’t take him very long to settle in and show his true, happy go-lucky colours. Pilot is a sweet, sucky boy, and loves attention. He happily meets people and pups alike and soon adjusted to the routines in his foster home.

Applications poured in, but when one special adopter reached out, we knew it was the right fit for Pilot and for her. Earlier this year, Lucy one of our rescue chows had saved her owner’s life during a dog attack, but in doing so, sadly lost her own. The incident was grossly tragic and had long-lasting effects. Our previous adopter has done everything in her power to recover from this nightmare… but it has been an uphill battle.

Now that this brave lady is ready to welcome another chow into her heart and home. We feel certain that Pilot’s gentle nature, relaxed personality, and willingness to love will help fill the void and bring much happiness into her life. It will be a new beginning for both of these sweet souls and we know they will help each other heal from their past difficulties. We’re super happy about this special adoption because dogs do make as much a difference in our lives as we make in theirs! Congratulations Pilot, you have no idea what a fantastic life you’re in for! Congratulations Lyra, his delightful nature and unconditional love will guide you to much happiness… he is your Pilot now. 

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