When living arrangements changed for Gucci’s owner, she entrusted Merlin’s Hope to rehome her young female Chow Chow. As soon as she was surrendered, the tiny-but-feisty Gucci made it clear she was unhappy with this new arrangement. Her insecurity was expressed through growling and fear-snapping at her first foster home. To keep everyone safe and transform Gucci into an adoptable dog, it was decided that she needed to return to our most experienced foster family and spend some time in “Chow Chow boot camp”. In this home Gucci lived with several other Chows and was carefully managed with a daily routine of long walks, plus new rules and boundaries that helped build her trust.
Gucci is a smart girl and responded very well, quickly bonding with her second foster mom – however it was too much of an attachment – she became very anxious if foster mom was not always in sight. Even though Gucci had made great strides, we were fearful that she was developing separation anxiety. The thought of transitioning her to a new home seemed risky; we didn’t want her to revert to old ways and forget her new manners.
We were looking for someone who had experience working with an insecure, strong-willed Chow. One applicant met the criteria and stood out with all the right answers and persistence. Growing up, her family rescued a chow from a bad situation, then had to manage unfavourable and intimidating behaviour. Because of our applicant’s patience and tenacity, this dog has become a great family member who will even perform a portfolio of tricks – something that most Chows are not known for!
From the start, this applicant was confident that Gucci was to be her dog. She believed that she could address the situation if Gucci became overly attached or reverted to any past bad behaviors. She convinced us that she would not be deterred by anything that might occur.
This home sounded very promising for our sweet, but tough little Gucci. We prepared her new family for the absolute worst… and so far, they have only gotten the absolute best! Gucci instantly felt comfortable in their presence. She’s enjoying the spoils of undivided love and attention, long walks ending in big naps, and is even relaxed enough for puppy snores! Gucci, now renamed Mochi, will thrive being challenged by new tasks and tricks (as will her new mom when Mochi displays her stubbornness)! It’s a fun, stimulating, adorable and an absolutely perfect match! We’ll look forward to updates on Mochi’s progress and seeing some of those tricks!
Congratulations Mochi & your new family!

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