Happy Endings


An adoption waiting to happen….and it did!

Poor old Ethel was in rough shape when she was picked up and brought to the shelter in Sarnia. For the next 2.5 months they nurtured her back to health, dealing with typical shar pei medical issues. When she was finally healthy enough to list for adoption, we were notified and immediately reached out to help. We assured the shelter staff our rescues go to the very best homes a dog could ask for.
On the morning of her scheduled transport, the shelter contacted us because Ethel woke up very ill. She could not be released and the vet was on the way. Later that day, our suspicions were confirmed, she suffered from Shar Pei Fever. Being at least 6.5 years old, and having ongoing medical issues including skin, allergies, ear infections and the inability to produce tears, she required a special home who could afford, cope, and care for her ongoing medical needs…and be willing to give an old girl a chance. We knew exactly who fit that bill! One of our biggest supporters has fostered countless dogs and adopted a total of 10 (ten)..YES..10 Shar peis from us. She readily helps the dogs often overlooked because of age, disabilities or exuberant medical needs. We made her aware Ethel was coming into rescue and she immediately stepped up to foster. Since provincial boarders were closed, Ethel had to go straight there. A baby gate was ordered and sent to help separate the resident male, Homer and the new girl if there was trouble.
Once our girl was well enough to travel, transport arrangements were made. She finally arrived and met her new foster mom who already loved her from afar. A safe introduction was made during a walk with the two peis and it was pleasant and politely smooth. That changed once they got home….it was party time! The rest of the evening was spent flirting or showing off for each other! Over the next couple days, they shared dog beds, toys and space. Always laying close to each other. It was an instant connection that nobody would have the heart to break apart! Ethel, you are one lucky Shar pei! You landed in an amazing shelter, found a great rescue, moved into a fantastic home and found love from your new mom and the handsome irresistible Homer! Well done Ethel!
Congratulations to Homer & Ethel and of course, our one and only Inez