Happy Adoption Chili!
A bit of a ruff start…Chili was in a home where the owner’s boyfriend rough-handled him, specifically grabbing him aggressively by the collar or neck. When Chili had enough, he started to bite in retaliation. The owners solution was to dump her dog at the local shelter. We got a call about a lovely albeit badly matted chow who seemed quite friendly, except when you handled his neck area. There was no way they could get a collar on him. We accepted him into rescue, arranged transport and brought this shabby looking boy in. Once he trusted us, we carefully felt his mane which we discovered was a solid mass. Our groomer patiently shaved his awful coat, freeing his neck from the tightly knotted hair. You could almost see the relief in his smile as we massaged his neck and chest. We managed to get a collar on, but he still was a bit leery despite enjoying the neck scratches. By the time he recovered from his neuter, he was almost desensitized to moving a collar on and off. He was ready to find his forever home. His forever family was excited to meet him, and preparing for his arrival.
Their beautiful girl Mitsu was missing her friend after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge a year ago. They waited patiently for the right companion to come along, and was hopeful Chili was it. This young handsome boy would certainly cheer her up and be a welcoming addition to their sweet family. Mitsu and Chili acted pretty “chill” around each other…but since his arrival HOME, they have been inseparable! We’re happy that Chili will never be mishandled again, and only enjoy neck rubs and Mitsu kisses! Happy adoption day Chili & Congratulations to your new family!

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