Surrender A Dog

Our prime focus is on dogs who are seized from puppy mills, abusive situations, abandonment, neglect, death of family, incarceration, etc.

If you are trying to surrender a dog because you’re having a baby, or fear for your toddler’s life, have a new partner or won a trip to Bora Bora, please don’t expect us to jump to assist you.  Please take responsible measures to kennel your dog if you are going away.  

You should also contact the breeder who sold you the dog and let them know you can no longer keep it.  Breeders of merit will take back their dogs.

If we do accept your dog into our rehoming program, you will have to prove ownership of the dog and you will have to surrender all medical files and paperwork including registration paperwork if they exist.

It will be up to you to get the dog to us at one of our holding facilities, and you will have to sign a legal document to forfeit all and any future rights to this dog.

 To the best of our knowledge, there is no such thing as a sanctuary for aggressive dogs, and Rescue is not a dumping ground for dogs with behavioural issues. Unfortunately we get contacted by many people with behavioural issues with their dogs. Even more unfortunate is that had the owner spent some time educating the dog when it was young, chances are very good that you wouldn’t be reading this page today. Dogs with aggressive tendencies or aggressive behavioural issues cannot be realistically re-homed into another home unless those issues are addressed, which is your responsibility – and essentially have no place in the Rescue system. Also, it is important for you to know that dogs who demonstrate aggression have no possible chance of adoption from a shelter, and most likely they will be euthanized.
Rescue is for homeless dogs, and good dogs that landed in bad situations. Rescue is not a dumping ground for dogs with temperament issues.
If it was your expectation that a Rescue can train this dog, then frankly, so can you.

Rescues are operated by volunteers who have jobs and families and little time on their hands, so if a rescue can find the time and the finances to correct temperament issues, so can you.

You only have 3 choices.– you can live with the problem– you can be responsible and work with a trainer or professional behaviourist to solve the problem– you can have the dog destroyed.

We are urging you to do right by this dog and find the time and the means to work out their issues. Often it only takes a few minutes daily to effect a change. The more educated your dog is, the more sound the character and the freedom both of you can enjoy together.