Nena arrived in Rescue at the age of 5 months old with terrible allergies after being surrendered to the local SPCA. She was adopted at the age of 6 months and lived a fabulous life for 8 great years. Sadly circumstances changed and Nena’s family could no longer give her the proper care she needed. They made the hard but unselfish and responsible decision to surrender her back to Merlin’s Hope. We welcomed her back with open arms and placed her in one of our most experiences foster homes. The moment Nena stepped inside, she must have known she was never going to leave. She settled right in, found her place in the pack and just relaxed because she was home. She knew, her new siblings knew it, and deep down I’m sure her foster Mom knew it too….it just took her a few days to admit it! We couldn’t be more happy for Nena’s last and final Furever home because it’s a pretty special place. Thank you Inez, Daily and Xio Meimei, for opening your home and hearts to this wonderful girl and accepting her into your family.

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