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Cute little Kia has had a challenging life. When Kia`s Dad could no longer keep her, he found her a home where he could still provide food, vetting and visit her regularly. Eventually he moved to Canada leaving Kia well-funded with her trusted care giver in the Dominican Republic. Sadly, there was no care given. A vacationing relative checked in on her and found a terribly sick dog barely recognizable. Kia was horribly neglected, emaciated, and full of mange, ticks and fleas. She was brought to Canada and immediately taken to the vets. Due to the terrible condition of her skin, she had to be shaved and treated with antibiotics. Her fur is nicely growing back and she’s gaining much needed weight. Though Kia`s been neglected for a stretch of her life, she still remains a happy little girl. She quickly warmed up to her new parents and has settled into a real home. For the rest of her life, Kia will be properly cared for, enjoy regular walks, lots of love, oodles of attention and feel like a member of the family. We`re happy for you Kia, Congratulations sweet little girl!


Lokie lived the first 8 month of his life in a cone with his skin constantly itchy, raw and bleeding, even his eyes were sore.. Frustrated with ongoing skin issues, vet bills and a very tight budget, his owners surrendered him to rescue. Right away he went to the vet for an assessment and medication was prescribed,medicated bath for his stinky-yeasty body, and his diet was changed to grain free.
We scheduled him for for entropian surgery and a neuter. Within a few days this boy was feeling so much better, and was able to finally start enjoying life. This giant puppy (70 lbs at 9 month old) was ready to start his life his new family. Unfortunately his first new family weren’t quite ready for him. He was returned, but when one door closes, another one opens. Loki met his new “foster family” where he would stay until he got adopted. Lokie made sure he wasn’t going anywhere else so he bonded to the the husband since they were outnumbered by all the girls in the house. It worked! Lokie’s new Dad was happy to have a “playmate” and his foster Mom, well…she secretly loved him before she even met him.

Not only did Lokie find his forever home but one with shar pei experience including THREE pei sisters.
Happy adoption day Kingston !!


We’re not sure where Maddie started, but we know she went from a shelter to an All Breed Rescue, then to us. We were contacted not only because we understand the breed, but also to sort out the frustrating skin issues Maddie was riddled with. She was taken to our vet right away, blood work run, and prescribed the medication for Thyroid problems, had medicated baths and started a new grain-free diet. Within days there was an improvement. After a week, a significant enough improvement meant it was time to work on her terrible social skills. She got her basics, but ultimately turned around once in the foster care of a professional trainer. While in “school” it seems someone had a bit of a crush on her. Maddie turned on her charm and won the affection of a pit bull, her soon to be brother. With that development, the “crush” Maddie’s new Mom had for her turn to love. She wiggled her way into her new family’s hearts and home. We’re happy for you Maddie and your exciting Future!


Mango lived outside in South Korea on the end of a chain. His guardian mom broke him free and cared for him until there was a safe place for him in rescue. During this time, Mango flourished in her care. With the help of many volunteers fundraising, coordinating flights, transport and vetting, Mango made his way to Canada and into temporary foster care. Pre-approved adopters knew instantly he was their boy. It could have been her random craving for mango’s (the fruit) two weeks prior to their introduction, or simply his charming good looks and exceptionally sweet demeanour. What ever the draw, his new Mom and Dad were insistent Mango was their fur-baby before even meeting him. Mango’s new Mom and Dad anxiously met him upon his arrival into Canada, and solidified how much they adored him with instant hugs and wet nose kiss’s. Mango’s a happy gentle boy and found his home with a super fun-loving wonderful pack.


Bowie’s life was pitiful for at least four years while chained outside up north. Her emaciated body told us she wasn’t fed regularly as did her under developed figure. Being un-fixed meant she had to ward off wild animals each time her cycle attracted them. Her teeth are all fractured and worn down, indicative to constant chewing on the chain to free herself. The Humane society deemed her “un-adoptable” because of aggressive behavior. We saw a scared dog, and assumed her into our rescue. She was groomed right away ridding her of mats and excessive dirt. She was put on a weight gaining diet and fed lots of treats. Sadly Bowie’s demons kept her up all night, pacing, whining and guarding in a heart-breakingly stressful state. We consulted two vets who both advised she be put down MAINLY due to her mental state but compounded by her age, an unknown tumor in her belly and the condition of her teeth. They advised fixing her teeth will be excessively costly. (especially for a rescue based on donations) Bowie had one failed adoption, and her future was grim. When not battling unseen monsters, Bowie was the sweetest, gentlest little dog and tried her very best to be a good girl. We gave her another chance. A young couple was her best and likely last hope. They patiently came several times to visit and walk her. They understood and accepted all her quirks. They fell in love with her the first time they met, but new she may not come around. They took their time with her, until Bowie realized these were “her people” and the best a girl-dog could ask for. Bowie’s doing her very best to be a “normal” dog despite her challenges. Her family is committed to managing her stressful episodes offering love and support through those tough times. We are committed to fixing Bowie’s teeth no matter what the expense, and removing the tumor. We are just happy this little dog has a home she’s safe in, never to be ties up or left outside again.

Bowie now Zoey will be scheduled for surgery in the next couple weeks.


Luna came to Merlin’ Hope from a tragic beginning to her life in South Korea
Surviving the meat market but then being hit by a car
A wonderful rescuer named Claudia helped her in receiving veterinary care to repair multiple fractures, caring for her during recovery and making arrangements to get her Canada
With the help of multiple volunteers and Vancouver Shar Pei Rescue Luna made it to us.
Luna’s foster mom Dawn fell instantly in love. After consulting an orthopedic specialist it was concluded that Luna will have many ongoing health issues and the possibility of multiple surgeries in her future in excess of $6000.
A special home would be needed for Luna, one who could afford ongoing medically and the possibilities of future expensive surgery.
Merlin’s Hope has decided to make Luna a permanent resident and she will live our her life and be treated like the Princess she deserves and be loved unconditionally
Dawn and her family are elated to have her as part of their pack

“Big” Ben

Happy Adoption Day! Ben found his fur-ever home!
Ben was a stray in Regina Saskatchewan picked up by the Human Society. His aggressive behavior deemed him un-adoptable. Thankfully the staff had faith in Ben and reached out to rescue hoping to give Ben a chance. Big Ben was flown in and extremely irritable after his flight. Once he realized he was in no danger of getting hurt, he quickly adjusted. His biggest challenge was meeting men…That was until he met his new Dad. These two awesome guys are definitely meant to be together. We at Merlin’s and the staff at the shelter are thrilled for Ben’s Happy Ending knowing both fella’s will always have their Buddy by their side.


Gaia was in rescue and foster care for quite some time. She waitied patiently for the perfect home to come along…..Little did she know, that she was in her furever home. … Bonsai & Chinook adopted her !! Congratulations to eveyone….


Savannah was a neglected little girl in desperate need of help. Bacterial skin infections, and ear infections and terribly under weight. We committed to Savannah site unseen. Arranging transport from the U.S. to Canada was proving difficult, and getting Savannah into rescue was taking much longer than we had hoped. In the process of arranging her transport, a fellow rescuer offered to foster her in order to keep her safe, start her vetting , and holding her as long as we needed …and here is when the story get even better….Savannah didn’t acutally be making it on a transport up here to Canada…..Her Mommy Flunked Out and couldn’t let her go…She fell for this little girl fast and hard. Savannah will never lack for love or attention ever again.
We love happy endings like this !!!


The best thing that happened to Sammy was when her owner realized he could no longer provide proper care and surrendered Sammy to a local shelter. One look at her soar red weepy eyes and they knew she needed medical help. Thankfully they reached across the boarder from New York to Merlin’s Hope for support. We in turn reached out to our amazing followers and arranged transportation. Before Sammy arrived we booked her an appointment with Dr. Bob and discovered she was also battling a bladder infection. Antibiotics helped with that, and her painful eyes underwent surgery right away. Once feeling better, basic training started, but not for long. Sammy’s future “parents” saw the transportation post and helped…or perhaps ensured Sammy get here, so she could get to them. Being past adopters of Merlin’s Hope and having a handsome young boy who instantly clicked with Sammy made them the perfect fit.
Sometimes the best things happen in round about ways….Sweet Little Sammy is healthy, cared for, loved, has all the attention she deserves and is as happy as she could possibly be! She’s part of a family!

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