Happy Endings


BIG NEWS! Congratulations Smurf!

A quote from Smurf’s Dad, “She has her paw prints all over my heart”

Smurf is living her best life with her doting Dad! Smurf was picked up as a stray and camped out in the shelter for over 5 months. We visited and walked her during her stay but had other commitments that prevented us from pulling her. The shelter was dangerously full and a decision was made that Smurf’s time was up. Regardless of space, we had to act fast. The shelter and our rescue worked together to get her vetting up to date. The shelter staff were excellent.

Smurf was a big girl in full shedding mode. She arrived into rescue looking super dishevelled despite the effort they made to groom her.

Her coat was so dirty, her collar and harness had to be washed regularly. Once we earned her trust, we bathed, blew & brushed her shedding hair as best as we could. Smurf was super patient and seemed to enjoy the pampering. She is a lovely girl. The biggest surprise, was the whole other side of her when she was around men! She turned into a needy lab desperately wanting some man’s attention. Lucky for her, a chow-savvy fellow applied. Sadly he lost his beloved female chow rescues about three months earlier and was missing them terribly. It was a hard decision to transition from mourning to welcoming a new dog. Thankfully for Smurf, he was ready. Smurf’s new name is Rosie! It took one burger for her to learn it. This smart girl did everything right, including meeting new people with a wagging tail, accepting belly rubs and adapting to new routines and rules. She went from the shelter cell to rescue to her amazing forever home. Rosie now has her own house, yard and best of all, her own man to spoil her with love. Rosie’s Dad quotes are the best! “She’s not perfect, but she’s perfect to me.” “I’m going to have separation anxiety when I go to work”. Best updates ever! Congratulations Rosie you will definitely live your BEST life with your amazing Dad!