Happy Endings


Happy Ending! ….(Pym / Kenya…now Noochie)
Pym and her brother were two of six chow mixes dumped by a backyard breeder. They were scared and clung together in the shelter frightened of the staff. They were also scared of doorways so often had to be carried through them. Transport was arranged to pull Pym first. She quickly settled in with her foster family who also helped get her to the clinic for the rest of her vetting. She was fantastic! Meanwhile, application, piled in for this stunning looking beauty. We started with past adopters and approved applicants that have been patiently waiting for the right dog. A young energetic couple stood out and we felt like it would be the perfect fit. We knew he recently lost his loyal buddy to cancer, a beautiful chow who was given the best care by the OVC. What we didn’t know was his partner was secretly hoping for a more energetic dog such as an Aussie. Needless to say, they both were thrilled to become Pym’s new family! We look forward to hearing about everything she’ll learn and the adventures she will enjoy. Congratulations Pym you’re part of an awesome family!