Happy Endings


WOOHOO! Happy Adoption!
Duffy was saved from a life of neglect. Animal Services pulled over 30 chows from a hoarder’s home. Some lived their whole life inside a crate while others such as Duffy had a room to move around in. None of the dogs were walked, vetted or fed properly. We committed to helping a few and CCRCNY committed to helping the rest of these poor dogs.
Unfortunately Duffy tested positive for hook worms and had a gapping gash where her spay incision was. We treated her, and the rest of the household dogs and healed up her opening. After several visits to the vet, she got a clean bill of health, so she was ready to move on.
A couple who adopted from us in the past, missed their beloved chow after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Their application was perfect, they were chow savvy, lovely people with great knowledge. We always try our best to get good dogs into good home, and Duffy is a great dog and this was a great home. The oversight was, Duffy came from a hoarding house of 30 chows, landed in a home with a pack of five then moved on to be the only dog. It didn’t take long for everyone to realize, she needed to be with other furry friends.
This is exactly why it’s important for us to match up people and dogs correctly.
Duffy did not want to leave her foster siblings, she was happy right here. We could not afford to get it wrong again and the bar was set impossibly high.
Every application was carefully scrutinized including this last one. I expressed a concern I had, and was ready to move onto the next family when the applicant’s response made me pause. Her explanation was honest, and she had a corrective plan in place. What jumped through the phone, was her positive energy.
We decided to do a meet and greet. I was still leery until we were about to say goodbye. She got down on he ground and Duffy squeezed in under her arm, her big male under the other. She was in her glory so we decided to go inside. This gave her partner a chance to fall further in love with Miss Fluffy Pants…the dog he already told the neighbors they were adopting. She snuggled into him for all the attention she could get while their handsome boy sat patiently and watched without a care.
After a few more meets, walks and cuddle time not to mention the many messages of heartfelt excitement, we let her go to her forever home with paws and fingers crossed. We were kept updated with photos and positive messages. If this amazing home didn’t work, Duffy would stay with us forever…it couldn’t get better than this. By day three, Duffy knew she hit the jackpot. She was enjoying the many walks, cuddles, premium food and her new fur-brother was fun to play chase with in the huge backyard! Life just got a whole lot better for this incredibly sweet little girl. Congratulations Duffy, you will never be neglected in ANY way ever again! Enjoy your adorable new family.