Happy Endings


Jasmine landed in our rescue because she badly beat up a smaller resident dog over a treat…not once but twice. The little dog needed extensive medical care and her owner was heartbroken. Jasmine’s vet recommended euthanizing her and an appointment was booked.  Poor Jasmine had no idea how upset she made her parents. Right before her appointment, Merlin’s agreed to take her into rescue.  

She was an absolutely lovely girl. A very pretty girl, sweet as she could possibly be…especially after we got her groomed.  Sadly, she desperately wanted to go back to go home to her family.  While in rescue, she did enjoy MANY long exhausting walks and much attention, but nothing stopped her incessant stress. She panted, barked and cried day and night. Weeks passed and she still hasn’t settled in. Her previous parents emailed regularly to check up on how she was doing.  One day they called and could hear her barking in the background. They were already missing her and hearing her broke their hearts. It was an emotional decision to let her go. They asked for her back.  We discussed what happened, and what measures would be in place to make sure it never happened again. They agreed to keep Jasmine and the little dog safe especially with treats. Jasmine couldn’t be happier to see her parents again. It was a joyful reunion. Poor Jazzy was exhausted from being away from her family and slept peacefully the whole ride home.