• Happy Endings


    Dolly was a senior girl who looked decades older than she likely was. She appeared completely shut down and defeated at the back of her crate in the shelter. The wounds and scars on her body told story of a rough, hard sad life. Riddled with so many issues and looking so broken, she was close to being humanly euthanized out of compassion. We agreed to take her pending the vets assessment. Once we had the go ahead, her spayed and dental were scheduled. After surgery, Dolly was left with 14 out of 42 teeth because they were either rotten, cracked, or had exposed roots. 16 weeks later, she underwent entropion surgery.  

    We placed Dolly in the best foster home where she would receive incredible care.  Her red raw ears got better with medication, she had her first bath to wash away the smelly past and was able to sleep in comfort with her very own stuffy.  Everyone routed for this sad girl to feel joy, and she did.  Slowly she healed, slowly she he came out of her shell and slowly she looked brighter. Not one, but two special families followed her journey and were ready to welcome her into their lives. It came down to her being an only dog. We felt certain Dolly had shared enough of herself with other canines, and now was the time to lavish in all the attention by herself.  Her new family was thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet her. They didn’t hesitate to drive from Nova Scotia to Ontario when they got the news. Dolly landed in a dream home with gentle caring humans. They loved her well before they met her.  This old girl has blossomed into a beautiful healthy Pei, who knows what it is to be an important member of a family. Congratulations Dolly and our new family…enjoy living your best life ever! 

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  • Happy Endings


    Jasmine landed in our rescue because she badly beat up a smaller resident dog over a treat…not once but twice. The little dog needed extensive medical care and her owner was heartbroken. Jasmine’s vet recommended euthanizing her and an appointment was booked.  Poor Jasmine had no idea how upset she made her parents. Right before her appointment, Merlin’s agreed to take her into rescue.  

    She was an absolutely lovely girl. A very pretty girl, sweet as she could possibly be…especially after we got her groomed.  Sadly, she desperately wanted to go back to go home to her family.  While in rescue, she did enjoy MANY long exhausting walks and much attention, but nothing stopped her incessant stress. She panted, barked and cried day and night. Weeks passed and she still hasn’t settled in. Her previous parents emailed regularly to check up on how she was doing.  One day they called and could hear her barking in the background. They were already missing her and hearing her broke their hearts. It was an emotional decision to let her go. They asked for her back.  We discussed what happened, and what measures would be in place to make sure it never happened again. They agreed to keep Jasmine and the little dog safe especially with treats. Jasmine couldn’t be happier to see her parents again. It was a joyful reunion. Poor Jazzy was exhausted from being away from her family and slept peacefully the whole ride home.     

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  • Happy Endings


    Havoc and his siblings were dumped loose in a remote area by a puppy mill breeder once they were not sellable.  One by one they were trapped, vetted and either adopted or turned over to rescue. Our wonderful transport gal had been waiting for the right chow to add to her family. While picking up his sister to bring to rescue, arrangements were made for a meet and greet for Havic and her girl Fury. Havoc quite liked Fury right away and our transporter fell for his puppy dog eyes the minute she saw him.  Needless to say, it was the right fit, and her next transport was bringing her new fur-baby home!  Congratulations Havoc, Fury, your new family and home! 

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  • Happy Endings


    December 19, 2023

    A HAPPY ENDING for Mombo!

    At eight months old, Mombo’s life was on the line after a tragic incident. He was in the kitchen when he heard the front door open and a neighbor and child walked in unannounced. It was a awful chain of events that resulted in a bad bite.
    Pressure from the community forced his novice chow parents to have him euthanized. His family was devastated including their two young children who made a video to show the world how loving their dog really was. Mombo’s mom reached out to us as a last desperate attempt to save his life. Days before his appointment, we intervened…and committed to taking him.
    He arrived nervous and confused but not an attack dog. A little guarded and growly but by day two he was seeking attention. He wasn’t going to be a good dog…he’s was a going to be a great dog! The kids were right. Mombo is a playful, affectionate, goofy boy who does not want to get into trouble. Finally an application came in, followed by several more. After sharing the details of his past and emphasizing how seriously he guards his home and family, we narrowed down the list. It was a tough choice between two wonderful applicants making it impossible to decide. Fortunately we didn’t have to… Mombo chose his new family the minute he met them. He turned on his charm offering snuggles and kisses. He couldn’t get enough of their attention and affection acting like a puppy in love. The feeling was mutual…it was a perfect match. Congratulations Mombo and your forever family.

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  • Happy Endings


    December 18, 2022

    Eight months ago, Shelby was dropped off at the shelter by her owner. They deemed her rescue only because of her no nonsense attitude. She was nervous, scared, shaking and ready to back anyone off that threatened her. We took a chance and brought her into rescue. Not only did she come with attitude, but a hefty medical file as well. Tackling simple vetting required full sedation and unfortunately she came with a multiple issues that needed immediate attention including several surgeries. After spending months in recovery (from ears to eyes, double dew claw removal, many bouts of fevers) she has settled in nicely with her fur brothers and sister. She is still vulnerable to random, life threatening fevers however her foster mom vigilantly watches for signs to stays on top of them and all her other medical needs. In return, she usually gets stink eye since Shelby barely tolerates her. This makes treating her ailments all the more challenging.
    Thankfully when Shelby looks at her dad, love-hearts pop from her eyes like a smitten cartoon character. She follows him around like a duckling and whines when he’s out of sight. In return, he plays with her and showers her with attention….since no one else really can. He can do anything to her because he can’t do anything wrong in her lovesick puppy eyes.
    Shelby, you’re not the easiest dog. You cost a pant load in medications, you fever regularly, you’re a nightmare at the vets, and you look like you’re ready to tear someone’s head off at any given time. You also…love your Daddy and you’re, “his girl.” The two are inseparable and that’s a perfect match…Happy official adoption day Shelby…you have the best of both, a mommy who cares and a daddy who loves you to bits! Congratulations Diesel, Pepper & Raisin on you new sister, and Shelby the newest addition.

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  • Happy Endings


    September 26, 2022

    Congratulations Boo!
    This is a long over due happy ending! Our little Sky-Boo would have probably been used as a breeder dog had her owner not passed away. A rescue scooped up the puppies and left four adult chows behind. Animal Services came in and found one in the home, one in a kennel and two loose on the property. They set up traps, and after a few weeks, Boo was safely secured. Soon after, she was released to rescue and taken to the vet for a health check. Her bloodwork came back heartworm positive and we started her on the long intense treatment immediately. Boo was a little firecracker ready to go, so keeping her calm was a challenge. A quiet home to recover instead of a house full of chows was what she really needed. I asked my awesome foster couple who helped with several dogs prior if she could stay with them after her injection when rest was vital. They were a bit nervous after seeing her wiggle out of her harness and collar, escape from my porch and climb a six foot fence….but they wanted to help so agreed to keep her for a week. That’s pretty much all the time Boo needed to prove what an adorable love-bug she was.
    She happily stayed there for the rest of her treatments and recovery. Boo made it impossible for her foster mom to hold strong and “just foster”… she had her wrapped around her paw in no time. Boo became a very loving member of their family and a special part of their wedding. She means the world to them as they do to each other, a truly happily ever after. Congratulations Boo and your sweet beautiful family!

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  • Happy Endings

    Little Dude

    September 17, 2022

    The Perfect Rescue Story that turned a broken sick dog on death row to happy, healed and homed in just 6 weeks!
    This little dog was picked up by Animal Control in such bad physical shape, he was hard to look at. Euthanasia was his freedom from further pain and suffering. …However, a volunteer called us, and together we saved him from his scheduled fate. The next day he arrived in rescue, shut down, filthy, smelling horrendous, a living petrie dish for flies…he barely moved. That night, he was groomed, his overgrown nails clipped and was given a pain pill..it was the start of his new life and he clearly knew it! This Little Dude wiggled with excitement and relief. The next day he was transported to Montreal where he was already scheduled to see the vet the following day. Within days treatment was started for extensive infections in both his eyes and ears. A series of surgeries followed closely behind that included resolving his double cherry eyes, entropion, massive ear cleaning in unbelievable raw- bloody-infected canals, ingrown dew-claw removal, neuter and a full vasectomy as he only had one testical. He had an x-ray to confirm his broken tail had healed the best it could. We followed up with a specialist after his neuter to avoid the risk of cancer in the event his second testical was still inside. Literally from head to toe, he was treated and transformed. He arrived looking like this pathetic Little Dude who just layed still or walked with his head held low to a happy grateful boy who never stops wagging his tail. We still worried no one would look past his scared eyes, split nose and crooked tail to find him a loving home he was so deserving to have. As fast as his life spun around, he had the perfect family waiting for his availability!
    A couple who had adopted two shar pei’s from us were following his journey. Their last girl was a “mill dog,” a female who was rescued from the torment of being kept pregnant her whole life. She was sweet but fragile and needed an extra special home.They gave Arielle the best life she so well deserved until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge..and now 2 years later, their home would once again become a safe and caring place for another dog in need.
    They had been following Little Dude’s story and grew more and more fond of him until they just couldn’t wait to meet the dog they already loved. Our hearts are full with joy as we celebrate an incredible rescue effort. So many people volunteered and donated to help this Little Dude have a chance….Big thank you to the rescue at the shelter, the groomer, the transporters, the vets and his followers…but most of all to his new family who will let him be the incredible boy he is, and feel nothing but love and kindness for the rest of his life.
    Little Dude…LD… Lost Dog to Loved Dog… a perfect rescue story and they’ll live happily ever after…a new beginning!
    Congratulations EVERYONE!
    Especially Little Dude and his amazing family!

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  • Happy Endings


    This is a two part story….

    Part one starts off pretty similar to most posts we write about dogs who come into our rescue. Flex was picked up as a stray by the SPCA. He was in sad shape, grossly underweight, itchy, infected ears and a patchy looking coat. The shelter staff took great care of him until we picked him up and begun immediate treatment for all….including a trip to the vet for entropion surgery. In no time, Flex knew he was on the road to wellness.

    Part two….

    Eight years ago…yep you read it right.. Dawn entered a local feed store making quite the impression. She was walking a very unhealthy obese Shar pei named Weeny, with a new unruly puppy in desperate need of entropion surgery and general manners! The three of them were spotted by Cathy who was biting her tongue at the “horrible abusive state” these poor dogs were in. A conversation was inevitable… but to both ladies surprise, it went in a direction neither of them could have imagined. After introductions were made, Cathy was relived to learn, no dogs were being mistreated, and in fact, a friendship was formed. Cathy soon became one of our biggest supporters and advocates. Every year she organizes a large artisan fair. She sells tables, gathers prizes to raffle, created an online shop and speaks about our rescue to everyone and anyone who will listen. This year, the ladies were scouting out locations and set up a meeting to see a new possible venue. Cathy arrived first, Dawn in tow….with Flex. Looking as handsome as ever, he strut right in and caught Cathy’s eye. One long look and she was like a school girl weak in the knees over a cute boy. Flex of course was his suave self and had her wrapped around his paw in no time. Earlier Cathy expressed interest in fostering, but the moment she snatched up his leash, we all knew she wasn’t letting go!

    Finally….Cathy who was ready to defend the poor dogs in our care but instead foged an amazing relationship with us, has now officially adopted from us AND joined our Merlin’s Hope Family! Congratulations Flex, you have the best home ever, and to Cathy for believing in what we do and now experiencing it first hand. Happy adoption day!

    PS :she couldn’t wait for the cone to come off..lol

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  • Happy Endings



    Indy’s story is full of challenges for this little girl. Her owners passed away leaving her in a very neglected state…. The adult children were fearful of her and called Animal Services to take her away. Once in the shelter, they shaved her matted coat completely off and monitored her behaviour. Staff saw a scared dog looking for attention and reached out to us before her time there ran out. When she arrived in rescue, she was nervous but a nice wee dog. Her foster mom met us at the groomers for a good scrub down. Indy’s skin was black with dirt and her fur was so greasy it left your hands coated with grime after a pet. Super clean and proving to be a sweet girl. We worked on leash manners particularly when encountering canines. Her reactiveness seemed to lessen dramatically and walks were becoming much more enjoyable. She was ready to find her forever home. A few folks came and met her….she impressed everyone with her eagerness to be pet and rubbed. Her lovely manners on a walk with a simple huff when passing another dog….yet nobody wanted to adopt her.
    There was a perfect application on file for another dog in rescue. She had tons of experience with the breed but was determined her next chow would be blue or cream. Indy was red. Time passed, everyone seemed to want to surrender dogs, not adopt. The perfect applicant met with another rescue and considered another breed….but she stopped…chow chows held a special place in her heart. She found herself looking at our website again, and saw Indy’s big doe eyes looking back at her. Indy needed her. She popped us an email to inquire. We didn’t hesitate to set up a meet and a walk! Everyone was nervous and excited. Indy was her usual cute-as-a-button self….and best of all, finally she has someone who was willing to give her a chance to prove what an awesome girl she is. We are thrilled that her special someone loves her, and is willing to do whatever she can to ensure Indy has a safe, happy, caring forever home. Congratulations Indy, you deserve the very best, and with your new mama…we are confident you will be living your best life! Again, we are so very happy for you and your new mom!

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  • Happy Endings


    A rescue contacted us with a tip about a Shar pei boxer cross who could really use our help. When we arrived we met a big happy guy living in a rough looking pen in a barn type kennel. He had pressure sores from laying on concrete, smelled absolutely foul and had painful looking eyes. We took him into rescue right away and scrubbed him down in a sudsy bath, washing away his neglected past. Not long after that he saw the vet for a full exam, entropion surgery, hip x-rays and neuter. He dealt with a lot of changes in a very short time and managed exceptionally well. Chester adapted to indoor living and the luxury of toys, attention, good food and fluffy dog beds. Well…the fluffy dog beds and toys got de-stuffed but that was all part of the fun.
    Chester had no shortage of wonderful applications. We worked with a family who recently said goodbye to their beloved rescue dog and were anxious to give another dog in need, the abundant love and care they could offer.
    From the first phone call, everything fell into place quickly. It started with an instant connection, an outstanding vet reference and the eagerness to meet “their handsome boy.” We made it happen without delay.
    All packed up and on the road to meet his new family, Chester chill-axed for the 6 hour long road trip. When we finally arrived, it was pure happiness! Meeting his new family was nice….but seeing them look at their new boy with pure adoration made the trip well worth while! Chester walked into their home and soared right into their hearts! Mr. People Pleaser made a wonderful first impression showing off his newly learned skills. He checked out the huge doggy bed and large basket of toys. Happier than ever, Chester was home….forever.

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