Happy Endings


Dolly was a senior girl who looked decades older than she likely was. She appeared completely shut down and defeated at the back of her crate in the shelter. The wounds and scars on her body told story of a rough, hard sad life. Riddled with so many issues and looking so broken, she was close to being humanly euthanized out of compassion. We agreed to take her pending the vets assessment. Once we had the go ahead, her spayed and dental were scheduled. After surgery, Dolly was left with 14 out of 42 teeth because they were either rotten, cracked, or had exposed roots. 16 weeks later, she underwent entropion surgery.  

We placed Dolly in the best foster home where she would receive incredible care.  Her red raw ears got better with medication, she had her first bath to wash away the smelly past and was able to sleep in comfort with her very own stuffy.  Everyone routed for this sad girl to feel joy, and she did.  Slowly she healed, slowly she he came out of her shell and slowly she looked brighter. Not one, but two special families followed her journey and were ready to welcome her into their lives. It came down to her being an only dog. We felt certain Dolly had shared enough of herself with other canines, and now was the time to lavish in all the attention by herself.  Her new family was thrilled and couldn’t wait to meet her. They didn’t hesitate to drive from Nova Scotia to Ontario when they got the news. Dolly landed in a dream home with gentle caring humans. They loved her well before they met her.  This old girl has blossomed into a beautiful healthy Pei, who knows what it is to be an important member of a family. Congratulations Dolly and our new family…enjoy living your best life ever!