• Happy Endings


    A rescue contacted us with a tip about a Shar pei boxer cross who could really use our help. When we arrived we met a big happy guy living in a rough looking pen in a barn type kennel. He had pressure sores from laying on concrete, smelled absolutely foul and had painful looking eyes. We took him into rescue right away and scrubbed him down in a sudsy bath, washing away his neglected past. Not long after that he saw the vet for a full exam, entropion surgery, hip x-rays and neuter. He dealt with a lot of changes in a very short time and managed exceptionally well. Chester adapted to indoor living and the luxury of toys, attention, good food and fluffy dog beds. Well…the fluffy dog beds and toys got de-stuffed but that was all part of the fun.
    Chester had no shortage of wonderful applications. We worked with a family who recently said goodbye to their beloved rescue dog and were anxious to give another dog in need, the abundant love and care they could offer.
    From the first phone call, everything fell into place quickly. It started with an instant connection, an outstanding vet reference and the eagerness to meet “their handsome boy.” We made it happen without delay.
    All packed up and on the road to meet his new family, Chester chill-axed for the 6 hour long road trip. When we finally arrived, it was pure happiness! Meeting his new family was nice….but seeing them look at their new boy with pure adoration made the trip well worth while! Chester walked into their home and soared right into their hearts! Mr. People Pleaser made a wonderful first impression showing off his newly learned skills. He checked out the huge doggy bed and large basket of toys. Happier than ever, Chester was home….forever.

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