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Yogi Bear- aka Rolly- aka “Stinky”…because when animal services picked him up from the streets of Rochester, he reeked of skunk. After a month in the shelter, his time was up. A volunteer determined to save him, reached out to rescues but there was no room. She then appealed to other shelters to take him which would buy him more time. Again, there was no room, but a shelter did point her to us. We met the volunteer in Niagara Falls NY and the very “Stinky” Rolly. Instead of heading home, we took him straight to the doggie spa for a much needed bath where he blissfully melted into the groomers arms. Rolly was patient and co-operated while his horribly matted coat was shaved off, simply happy to be handled. Now looking and feeling good with his adorable bear face, he was appropriately Re-named Yogi. 
Yogi had a lot to learn like how to get in and out of a vehicle. He learned how to walk on a leash and sit respectfully for his dinner or a treat. He learned “wait”. He also learned those big brown eyes caught the attention of a previous adopter. After a long drive from New Hampshire, they met Yogi and knew instantly, he was going to become the newest member of their family. 
Yogi’s lucky to have two beautiful siblings Rosie and Madi to help him settle in. He has his very own family who will smother him with pets, belly rubs and love. Finally Yogi will get the care and attention he craves and a fur-ever happy home where he absolutely belongs. We couldn’t be more happy for this sweet boy. Congratulations Yogi!


This little girl was found by KARE Rescue in Kuwait, in rough condition and under weight after being used as a breeding bitch. Not only did KARE take care of her, but reached out to find her better options to ensure a happy safe future, including a country with a more suitable climate. Hatchi arrived with wagging tails despite the very long flight and strange environment. She was delightful and respectful to her foster brothers and sisters. Calm, relaxed and gentle described her…until she met Maurice. Maurice came along for the drive to meet his new sister. He walked into the house, past the resident girls with complete disinterest…until he laid eyes on Hatchi. She perked up like we’ve never seen before, and couldn’t keep her paws off him. Maurice was trembling with delight. It was a match made in…Hev- Merlin’s Hope! The two of them got loaded into the van and drove off into the sunset. The honeymooning chows will enjoy life together with their dedicated owners who promise to spoil them with just as much love as they have for each other! Congratulations Hatchi! Maurice and family!


Peaches Peaches Peaches…what were we to do with you? As outlined in her profile, she was a medical mess… Her future intailed several trips in and out of the vets office, different cocktails of meds. and possibly another knee surgery if the new bone growth caused her pain . Her Foster mom had many sleepless nights cooling her over-heated body, taken time off work to rush her into the vets for an emergency appointment, and endless worry. Though the expectations of our adopters is high, we don’t want to knowingly set people up for heartaches and or failure. That’s exactly what’s at risk each time Peaches goes into crises.
We feel strongly that her options are to stay in rescue for the rest of her life, or be adopted by her foster family and have an official forever home. Good news….Merlin’s Hope will help support Peaches care, and she will be officially adopted by her foster mom . Congratulations Peaches, look right at home with your new brother and sister

2018 round-Up

It’s that time of year where we take the opportunity to send out our sincerest gratitude to all of you! With heartfelt thanks for all the “likes” -shares and commitments, for your generous support through our fundraising efforts and your charitable donations. Big thank you to those Volunteers who drive long distances and do home visits. Thank you from both Dawn and myself for following, caring and respecting this little rescue. All the best to our recent adopters who have become part of the Merlin’s Hope family, and to our awesome past adopters who send us welcomed updates. We couldn’t do rescue any other way. Our Christmas message is simple, be kind to all creatures.
We hope that all of you and your loved ones have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Debbie & Dawn


Good news for Coco Puff! The old boy was accepted into rescue with no hope of being adopted. He had three strikes against him. His old age of almost 10 years, his elevated kidney values; meaning this boy is potentially starting kidney failure, and last but not least liver enzymes so high they maxed out the machines being at least 3x normal limits. We’re not sure how much time this he has with us, but while he’s here we committed to making sure he’s safe happy and comfortable.
Mr. Happy, who’s tail never stops wagging, charmed his way into the hearts of his foster family. He could stay in Rescue, but instead he’s being officially adopted and a new member of an amazing family. Congratulations Coco Puff, and welcome home. Here he is with his new Sister !

Merlin’s Hope 4th Annual Artisan Fair

Merlin’s Hope will be holding their 4th annual artisan fair fundraiser on Saturday November 24th:

Saturday, November 24 at 10 AM – 4 PM
Parish of St Andrew & St Mark
865 Dr Lakeshore, Dorval, Quebec H9S 2C7

There will be over 20 talented local artisans featuring a variety of unique handmade items – knitted items, soaps, jewelry, pet products, baking and so much more. A lunch room will also be available with soup, sandwiches and homemade chili. Please come and show your support for this great cause

Merlin’s Hope tiendra sa 4ème foire artisanale annuelle pour récolter des fonds:

le samedi 24 novembre de 10h à 16h.
Parish of St Andrew & St Mark Ofc
865 Dr Lakeshore, Dorval, Quebec H9S 2C7

Il y aura plus de 20 artisans locaux talentueux avec une variété d’articles uniques faits à la main : articles tricotés, savons, bijoux, produits pour animaux, pâtisseries et bien plus encore. Une salle à manger sera aussi disponible avec des soupes, des sandwichs et du chili fait maison. Venez manifester votre soutien pour cette grande cause.


This bright beautiful boy was picked up by Animal Services in the US…looking very much dead. He was emaciated, completely dehydrated and too weak to move. He made a great recovered however he wasn’t out of danger since the shelter and local rescues were full. Merlin’s Hope was his last chance.
We arranged transport and scheduled his Vet visit right away. He was neutered, treated for an ear infection and put on a weight gain program. He was doing well, so in light of surviving everything especially the extreme weather, he earned the name Sunchow. As it turned out, Sunchow had a sunny disposition, and blossomed into a giant handsome puppy-like boy. His new family would definitely need to handle his energy and respect his boundaries while teaching him theirs. A lovely couple offered all that and more. Before adoption day, a warm welcome included a puppy-shower of toys and other gifts from co-workers. Everyone was excited for the new arrival of their gorgeous fur-baby. Sunchow will always have a cool place in their home and warm place in their hearts. Congratulations Sunchow you’ll be loved and cared for forever!
Happy Adoption Day !!

Cha Cha Bear


Little Cha Cha Bear was scared, full of burrs and loaded with attitude after she was dumped at the shelter. Being difficult to handle meant only a rescue could give her a second chance. By the time we organized a volunteer to help with her assessment, Bear made friends with a staff member. Our volunteer got to see the bright side of this little girl which in turn gave hope for a bright future…so we committed. Once in foster care, Cha Cha Bear quickly learned her place within the pack of her temporary family. The humans didn’t know it yet, but she was also learning where her place was within the “temporary” home. Bear wasted no time winning each family member over and before they knew it, they were in over their heads in love. This little girl was HOME…she wasn’t going to leave, and Mom and Dad agreed, nobody was going to take her away! Welcome to your forever home Cha Cha Bear and thanks for foster-failing family!


When Animal Control picked Ollie up off the streets of New Jersey he had a horrible and painful tumour hanging from his eye. Upon further vetting they found another apple size tumor inside his eye. The Liberty Humane Society removed both tumours and gave him some much needed TLC. This gentle bundle of wrinkles would not be adopted out easily simply because he was old and blind. So of course we stepped up. When he arrived, it was immediately determined that his good eye needed entropian surgery right away. Ollie made an impressive recovery and was zipping around with his foster brother and sisters in no time. They say that timing’s everything. A very special lady who has adopted 8 rescued dogs from us, mostly either blind, seniors, or challenging Shar Pei’s had recently lost one of her angels making room for another dog in need. Just reading about Ollie and seeing his cute photos posted on line was enough to help mend her broken heart. So as fate would have it, they met during a visit to Montreal. Maybe Ollie knew something we didn’t. He nuzzled right up to who would be his future mom, leaning on her wherever she sat…There was a connection she couldn’t deny. Blind little Ollie waltzed into her heart and home joining his two sisters Moo-Shu and Nena in what will be a the best days of the rest of his life. “One angel doesn’t replace another, it just expands your heart.” (Erica Jong) Congratulations beautiful sweet family with ginormous hearts

Jack & Jill

Nasty, dirty, matted, and incredibly painful are a few words to describe Jack and Jill’s coat when they were surrendered. The shelter did the humane thing and shaved them immediately. Jack’s skin was crusty and itchy, both felt greasy so off to the groomers they went to be bathed and pampered. A good diet and constant brushing helped their skin and growing coats. Feeling better was a start but they had many challenges ahead and so did we. Adopting them out together was going to be tough and we along with our loyal followers did not want to split them up. Jack and Jill were wild on the leash, excited by every smell, sound and movement. Jill had major trust issues particularly around her head, doorways and small spaces. Both worked hard at learning house rules, leash rules and good doggy manners. Jill worked even harder at letting her guard down to trust people. These two little chows had everyone routing for them. Little did they know, their forever parents were following their journey and already smitten. After a couple visits, adoption day arrived. Jack and Jill were happy to see them, hopped in their vehicle and never looked back. They arrived home, and by everything they did, they communicated loud and clear, they were HOME, Happy and Grateful. We’re thrilled to have helped these two special little dogs stay together and find the best people to care for them and love them Forever! Happy Tails and a new beginning to you Jack and Jill congratulations!

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